Search Techniques

Buzzfile provides powerful search tools that enables users to find the exact groups of businesses they are interested in.  But before we go into the various methods of searching, there are a few useful features that apply to all of these methods.

Buzzfile provides search results in a tabular form.


  • You can sort by any column by simply clicking on the header of the column you want to sort by. First click sorts in an ascending manner and a second click sorts in a descending manner.
  • Clicking on any company name will display a detailed report on that company. 
  • Clicking on any other variable on the search results page will filter your results to that selection only.  For example if you click on the name of a city or zip code, it will limit your search results to that selection, making it very easy to quickly drill down and find the exact businesses you are interested in.

There are typically three ways people search on Buzzfile, depending on their needs:

  1. Company Name search allows you to get detailed information about any company including contact information, location map, line of business, size of company and nearby services.
  2. Address search makes it possible to find all companies at a single location or area – great for sales people and commercial real estate agents who want to target by location. It‘s also a handy search technique for consumers to locate all businesses at a shopping mall.
  3. Industry search is an excellent approach for sales people, job seekers and employee recruiters to find opportunities.

1. Company Name Search

  • Enter a company name in the search bar and click Enter.
  • If there is more than one company with that name, click on the city or state column header to sort companies by those parameters or click on any city or state name to limit your results to that geographic area.  This will enable you to quickly find the company you are looking for.
  • Companies with multiple locations will typically be identified as a “Branch” or “HQ” location.

2. Address Search

There are several ways to find all businesses at a single location:

  • From the search bar, enter the street address only. You will need to use street abbreviationsAve for Avenue, St for Street, Blvd for Boulevard, etc. A typical search parameter will look like “530 5th Ave”.  Since multiple cities may have similar street addresses, you can click on the city or state column header to sort by that parameter and more easily locate the specific address you are looking for.
  • Alternatively to perform a much more precise search you can go to the advanced search page, enter the street address and select a city and state from the dropdown to quickly get to the exact address you want. Remember to use the street abbreviations here as well. If you want to display the revenues and number of employees for each company in your search results, simply enter a zero “0” in the Minimum field for either variable. You can always sort your search results by revenue or the number of employees by simply clicking on those column headers.


  • If you don’t know the street address of a specific building you may still be able to find the businesses at that location, especially if you know a company in that building.  You can search for that company and on that company page, below the address, you will find a link labeled “Lists of Companies Located at:”. Clicking on that link will display all businesses at the location of the company you had originally searched for.
  • One other useful search tool on Buzzfile finding the list of businesses on any street.  Using the advanced search page, enter a street name (i.e. W Wacker Dr”.  Select a State and City from the dropdown and click Search.  You can now sort on street address to display all the business on that street from end to end.

For a quick video on how to search by Address, click here.

3. Industry Search

From the advanced search page, you can search on more than 18,000 industries to find the types of companies you want to target. There are three levels you can use to drill down: Sector, Category, and Industry.

  • If location is important, then start by entering a state and a city.
  • Then from the dropdown bars, select first the Sector, then the Category and, finally the Industry you want. Each level narrows down your search. If you want your results to be less granular, then only select a Sector, or a Sector and a Category.
  • If revenues or number of employees are important, then enter the minimum and maximum ranges for those values. If you want to see all companies but want the revenue and number of employee values to be listed in your search results, then simply put a zero “0” in the Minimum field for either parameter. You can always sort your search results by revenue or number of employees by simply clicking on those column headers.


  • If you are having trouble figuring out what the name of an Industry is, then try putting in a company name of the type of company you are looking for – for example, a company you recently worked for (if you’re a job seeker) or the company that is a big customer (if you’re a sales person).  Once you pull up a company report, can see the names of the Industry, category and sector that company is in under the “Key Statistics.” section.  Just click on that Industry and you’ll find all other companies in that Industry.  You can also do the same for any Sector or Category.


Get buzzing!

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